TRX Chest Exercises

We’ll walk you through the 6 best TRX exercises and workouts to create a bigger chest with the aid of professional TRX trainers.

1. TRX Chest Press

trx chest press
Credit: Mens Health

Reps: 12 Sets: 4-5 Rest: 30 Seconds

The TRX chest exercise is a classic. This movement helps you to do a deep press and work your chest using just your bodyweight.

Instructions: Stand facing away from the anchor with the straps at a long range, arms out in front at shoulder height, and weight on balls of feet. Lower your chest to the ground and bend your elbows at a 90-degree angle. Maintain body balance as you press back up.

2. TRX Clock Press

TRX Clock Press
Credit: Mens Health

Reps: 12 Sets: 4-5 Rest: 30 Seconds

Isolating each side of your chest can aid in the development of stronger and more efficient chest muscles. When you stretch your arms outwards with the TRX clock press, you’re not only challenging your chest, but you’re also putting tension on your stabilising muscles, which helps you develop a well-rounded physique.

Instructions: Stand facing the anchor point with the TRX at mid-length. Extend your arms to chin height as you walk towards it. Allow yourself to go low enough to test yourself, but not so low that your form becomes sloppy. Perform a row bringing with your right arm while stretching your left arm out straight to the side to a T position, keeping your core close. Between reps, straighten both arms and return to the starting spot.

3. TRX Atomic Press-Up

TRX Spiderman press-up
Credit: Mens Health

Reps: 12 Sets: 4-5 Rest: 30 Seconds

This all-body explosive movement is a perfect addition to any chest circuit. This advanced movement, which works your triceps and heart, combines strength, power, cardio ability, and balance into one exercise.

Instructions: Kneel with both feet in the foot cradles and hands under shoulders, facing away from the anchor. Raise your hips toward the ceiling by lifting your knees off the ground while holding your legs straight. Lower yourself to a press-up position, then pull your knees into a crunch position before returning to the starting position.

4. TRX Spiderman Push-Up

TRX Spiderman Press-Up
Credit: Mens Health

Reps: 12 Sets: 4-5 Rest: 30 Seconds

Spiderman push-ups are difficult enough on their own, but adding the destabilising impact of one leg in the TRX Suspension Trainer makes them much more difficult.

Instructions: Place one foot in the strap loop of the TRX and set it to single-loop mode. In a push-up position, suspend your free leg next to the one in the braces. Bring your free knee to your elbow as you lower into a push-up. Throughout the dance, keep the hips square to the ground. Bring your leg back to the starting point as you push up out of the push-up.

5. TRX Tricep Extension

TRX Tricep Extension
Credit: Mens Health

Reps: 1 Min Sets: 4-5 Rest: 30 Seconds

Although this is an arm-heavy exercise, triceps development is critical for a more successful chest workout. Your triceps will help you develop bigger pecs by acting as a secondary source of pushing strength on other exercises like the chest press (1) and atomic press-up (4). A quick gain is just a button press away.

Instructions: Keep your forearms to your head for horseshoe triceps. Then straighten your arms by extending violently.

TRX Chest Exercises

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